Hydrogen Production Catalyst

You want a reliable provider of hydrogen production catalyst and ammonia production catalyst. Your business depends on it, so you want it to be a company you can trust, that communicates effectively and responds when you need assistance. The partner you need is UNICAT Catalyst Technologies, the innovative and entrepreneurial ammonia production catalyst supplier ready to get you the help you need.


Whether your company has been around for a long time and you’re facing new challenges or trying to improve your system, or if you’re starting up your business now, UNICAT is here to help. We’re the hydrogen production catalyst supplier that works in niche markets, too, so we’re sure to have what you need. Our creative, problem-solving team will put together custom-fit solutions for whatever your situation calls for.

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Filling the Gap in the Larger Market


For nearly 20 years, we have been committed to bringing a greater service to the heterogeneous catalysis field. We manufacture and distribute hydrogen production catalyst and more than 100 other industrial and chemical products, so even niche markets can get what they need. Our team focuses on high-quality, flexible service, working closely with you to develop optimized solutions for your system conditions, and even helping with start-up for new firms entering the market.


UNICAT has an extensive manufacturing base and global distribution partners for ammonia production catalyst to help us get companies what they need exactly when they need it. We offer a wide range of innovative products in a variety of markets, including bed grading, arsien purification, sulfur guards, Syngas and more. And the best news is that all of this is available with the lowest cost structure in the industry.


Choose UNICAT as Your Partner for a Better System


Call or email us today to find out how we can make your system work better for you. We’ve worked with over 500 clients in the gas processing and petrochemical industries, and we have the experience to make a difference.

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