Syngas – Methanation

MC-710 Series

a Ni-based Methanation catalyst, which comes in the standard oxidized or reduced and stabilized version. It exhibits high thermal stability, and high Methanation activity. This catalyst can be used in standard methanator in ammonia and hydrogen plants.

MC-720 Series

a Ni-based, methanation catalyst, which is available in the standard oxidized or the reduced (“R”) versions. MC-720 exhibits high thermal stability along with high methanation activity. Compared to Unicat’s MC-710, MC-720 is intended for use in lower temperature methanation applications such as ethylene plants, but can also be used for standard methanation in ammonia and hydrogen plants.

MC-750 Series

a Ni-based deep methanation catalyst that comes in either the oxidized or the pre-reduced version.

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