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Revolutionising Catalyst Technology

UNICAT continue to revolutionise technology, delivering improved customer financial and environmental performance.

We focus on listening and learning about customer aims and problems creating and shaping our pipeline of innovation to create customer value.


We design our own innovative catalyst carrier, utiliising our strength of 40 years experience in the Ceramics industry.

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Premium range adsorbents and a deep technical understanding in engineering PSA systems to lead our customers to the best PSA performance possible.

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AFS (Advanced Filtration System) represents the most advanced and comprehensive line of catalyst bed grading products in the world today.

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Purification catalysts and adsorbents to meet the specific needs of customers – our products can focus and remove: Sulfur (All Types), Arsine & Phosphine, Chloride & Halogen, Mercury, Oxygen, Reducing Gas.

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Products for modern syngas plants such as hydrogen, methanol, ammonia, tawn gas and coal gasification.

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Polycat a portfolio of robust, solid phosphoric acid catalyst for multiple applications in SPA Polymerization reactors (chamber and tubular).

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From world-wide on-site technical support to catalyst data analysis reports and recommendations.

Why Choose Us?

At UNICAT, we are dedicated to revolutionising catalyst technology to deliver improved customer financial and environmental performance.


We prioritise understanding customer needs and problems. We focus on developing innovative solutions aimed at addressing these challenges, ultimately enhancing customer value.

Flexible Manufacturing

We focus on listening and learning about our customer’s aims and problems, and creating and shaping our manufacturing to deliver them value and profitability.

Supply Chain Stability

With over 30 years’ of ceramic manufacturing and catalyst knowledge, we have a resilient, flexible and collaborative supply network, ensuring customer satisfaction and reduced costs.

Broad Product Range

Our product range includes a range of; Catalysts, absorbents, combustion, and electrical controls, keeping innovative solutions for our customers at the forefront of our R&D pipeline.

About us

Accreditations, Awards & Trademarks

Our Manufacturing Sites in the UK (Dewsbury & Huddersfield), Vietnam and USA are accredited to various ISO standards.

Our UK counterpart was awarded the Queens Award for Enterprise: Innovation, 2022

We have Patents approved on Magcat – for our Process & Textured Sphere Design

Magcat® is a Registered Trademark

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AFPM Summit

AFPM Summit: 15th - 17th October

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ASIATech: 1st - 2nd October

SILVER SPONSORS - Find our team at our stand (TBA) and learn about our innovative product range.

IDW Downstream Conference

IDW Downstream Conference: 24th - 25th September

SILVER SPONSORS - Find our team at our stand (TBA) and learn about our innovative product range.

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Solutions for your industry

  • Hydrogen
  • Ammonia
  • Methanol
  • DRI (Steel)

Latest Innovation

Out of This World Filtration

Revolutionary scientific modelling allows tailored optimisation of filtration grading and loading profiles – delivering 50% improvements in Catalyst bed life.

Out of This World Filtration