UNICAT Catalyst have developed 4 generations of Polycat products since the introduction of our first-generation Polycat I in 2009. With improved activity, and selectivity progressively with each generation providing a higher free acid content and enhanced pore structure while maintaining the unique pressure drop resistant structure of the product.

Our Polycat products are designed to provide flexibility to the end user for several targeted operations such as maximum life cycle or Maximum C9 / C12 Production.

  • Innovation
  • Flexible Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Stability


Polycat HDX | Polycat II | Polycat II ADV

Polycat HDX | Polycat II | Polycat II ADV

UNICAT’s POLYCAT solid phosphoric acid-based polymerization catalysts are available for use in manufacturing of octane boosting high molecular weight hydrocarbons in tubular or chamber type fixed bed reactors. POLYCAT is used in oligomerization of light olefins to produce poly gasoline, C9-C12 types or alkylation of aromatics with gaseous olefins to yield high-purity alkyl-aromatics, such as cumene.

For further information, or to discuss the Polycat requirements of your business, contact our team at us.commercial@unicatcatalyst.com or commercial@unicatcatalyst.com