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UNICAT Catalyst Technologies, LLC was formed in January of 2000 as an unrivaled company in the field of heterogeneous catalysis. The driving force behind UNICAT’s formation are three fundamental principles missing from the traditional larger suppliers in the market.

  • Flexibility to meet unique customer requirements quickly

  • Dedication to lower costs for industrial users

  • Innovation to improve niche catalyst market services ignored by large industrial suppliers

UNICAT is proud to have stayed true to this course having developed over 100 innovative products in niche catalyst markets such as Sulfur Guards, Chloride Removal, Arsine Purification, Hydroprocessing, Bed Grading technology, Polymerization, Sweetening Process and Synthetic Gas (Hydrogen) while maintaining a cost structure lower than all current competitors in the market.

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Our production centers are located in the Peoples Republic of China in ISO certified partner facilities. Our Quality Control offices are engaged next to the plant personnel to ensure the higher standard of product quality. With our main technical offices are located in Alvin TX, while satellite and regional offices are located in Aruba, Brussels; Jubail, Saudi Arabia and Dalian, China. A large inventory is maintained worldwide to rapidly meet all customer requirements.

UNICAT is able to rapidly develop large variations of product sizes and chemistries to customer needs. Many unique one-off formulations have and are currently being made for customer requirements. We also provides on-site technical services, toll manufacturing, vessel and preliminary process design, catalyst recovery and recycling in addition to the traditional line of catalyst products we provide.

Over 500 Industrial users have trusted Unicat to deliver high quality products and services

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About Our Founder


Mani Erfan

Chief Executive Officer

Mani Erfan is a co-founder and co-owner of UNICAT Catalyst. He holds the position of UNICAT’s Chief Executive Officer and is based out of UNICAT’s corporate office in Alvin, TX. Mani attended the University of Florida and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering with High Honors. Before founding UNICAT Catalyst, he worked with multiple companies Haldor Topsoe and Parkans International.  Mani has been at the forefront in development of all UNICAT  products and services. Most notably, with the design of the Activated Filtration Disks (AFS) as a licensed technology that is currently installed in units worldwide. Mani specializes in Purification and Syn-gas Catalyst technology, as well sales team development.

Eric Liu

Eric Liu

Global Supply Manger

Eric Liu is a co-founder and co-owner of UNICAT Catalyst. He holds the position of UNICAT’s Global Supply Manager and is based out of UNICAT’s manufacturing office in Dalian, PRC. Eric manages UNICAT’s manufacturing and product development processes while overseeing product logistics, supply chain, and quality control for UNICAT’s partner manufacturing facilities.

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