HS – 500 6x9mm S


At UNICAT, we offer a full range of SynGas catalysts, including catalysts for total sulfur removal, pre-reforming, reforming, secondary reforming, high and low temperature shift, methanation and ammonia dissociation catalyst.

Our expertise can optimize the overall operation of hydrogen and ammonia plants by:

  • Selecting front end sulfur removal catalysts to provide longer run life for units in the plant
  • Reducing compression costs by lowering pressure drop through every unit in the plant
  • Minimizing the affect of condensate or steam leaks on high temperature shift catalysts
  • Minimizing the affect of amine carryover or steam leaks on methanation catalysts



We design our own catalyst carrier utilizing our strength of 40 years’ experience in the ceramics industry. Catalysts are formed using polymer ceramic technology rather than the traditional pressure method, which provides higher intrinsic strength, greater geometric surface area and surface texture.

Shift Technologies

We manufacture High, Low and even Medium Temperature Shift Catalysts. We have developed highly advanced guard systems to protect shift catalysts from external poisons.


We manufacture Nickle-based Methanation Catalysts in both pre-reduced and oxidized versions, in extrudates, rings or tablets.

Ammonia Dissociation Catalyst

The future of Ammonia includes Energy production, and our Magcat ADX id a next-generation version of this Ammonia Dissociation Catalyst

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