The Unicat Catalyst Team

Unicat Leadership

  • Mani Erfan
    Mani Erfan Chief Executive Officer
  • Larry Foley
    Larry Foley Chief Operating Officer
  • Bruce Koch
    Bruce Koch Chief Financial officer

Sales  and Engineering

  • Carol Schmidt
    Carol Schmidt Sr Design and Project Engineer
  • Chris Pesek
    Chris Pesek Global Sales Director
  • Eric Steens
    Eric Steens Technical Sales Engineer - EMEA & Asian - Antwerp
  • Eugenio Macaluso
    Eugenio Macaluso Regional Sales Manager - Europe & Asian - Italy
  • Gary Gildert
    Gary Gildert Engineering Director
  • Laura Jones
    Laura Jones Sales Representative - Canada - London
  • Roel Koetzier
    Roel Koetzier Techincal Sales Engineer - EMEA & Asian - Amsterdam
  • Shok Yan Hoo
    Shok Yan Hoo Technical Sales Engineer - South America and Caribbean - Aruba
  • Tim Michalec
    Tim Michalec Technical Sales Engineer - USA - Houston
  • Tom Ventham
    Tom Ventham Technical Sales Engineer, Europe & Africa - UK
  • Will Bridges
    Will Bridges Regional Sales Director
  • Xavier Llorente
    Xavier Llorente Technical Sales Engineer - EMEA & Asian - Barcelona

Corporate Office Team

  • Ben Siard
    Ben Siard Creative Director
  • Dina Blidi
    Dina Blidi International Logistics Manager
  • Elisa Silva
    Elisa Silva Accountant
  • Jasmin Gildert
    Jasmin Gildert Quality Assurance
  • John Kent
    John Kent Americas Logistics and Warehouse Manager
  • Travis Beyner
    Travis Beyner Global Logistics & Inventory Manager

Chinese Office Team

  • Eric Liu
    Eric Liu General Manager
  • Hellen Liu
    Hellen Liu Director
  • Jerry Liu
    Jerry Liu
  • Wendy Gao
    Wendy Gao Representative
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