The UNICAT Catalyst Team

Executive Team

  • Mark Stuckey
    Mark Stuckey Chief Executive Officer
  • Chris Pesek
    Chris Pesek Global Sales Director
  • Debbie Harlock
    Debbie Harlock Group Director of HR and Development
  • Ethan Jones
    Ethan Jones Chief Operating Officer
  • Matthew Evans
    Matthew Evans Chief Financial Officer

Global Sales & Engineering Team

  • Will Bridges
    Will Bridges Regional Sales Director (Americas)
  • Megan Skrodolis
    Megan Skrodolis Regional Sales Manager (Americas)
  • Mandi Rouyea
    Mandi Rouyea Regional Sales Manager (Americas)
  • Scott Klimek
    Scott Klimek Regional Sales Manager (Americas)
  • Tim Michalec
    Tim Michalec Regional Sales Manager (Americas)
  • Shok Yan Hoo
    Shok Yan Hoo Technical Sales Engineer - South America and Caribbean - Aruba
  • Laura Jones
    Laura Jones Regional Sales Manager (Canada)
  • Kathy Picioccio
    Kathy Picioccio Technical Specialist
  • Bejoy Balan
    Bejoy Balan Regional Sales Director (Middle East)
  • Eugenio Macaluso
    Eugenio Macaluso Regional Sales Director (Europe/Africa)
  • Xavier Llorente
    Xavier Llorente Regional Sales Manager (Europe/Africa)
  • K.R. Ramakumar
    K.R. Ramakumar Technical Sales Manager (EMEA)
  • Tom Ventham
    Tom Ventham Technical Sales Engineer, Europe & Africa - UK
  • Ali El-Keshawy
    Ali El-Keshawy Technical Sales Manager, EMEA
  • Kate Hovey
    Kate Hovey Technical Specialist
  • Gary Bennington
    Gary Bennington Regional Sales Director (Asia/India)
  • Himanshu Chauhan
    Himanshu Chauhan Business Development Manager (India)
  • Bong Nguyen Thanh
    Bong Nguyen Thanh Technical Sales Manager (Asia)

Support Services

  • Elizabeth Northcutt
    Elizabeth Northcutt Financial Controller (America)
  • Lynne Carbutt
    Lynne Carbutt Finance Assistant (UNICAT Accts Recievable/Pay) UK
  • Arianna Perez
    Arianna Perez Commercial Officer (Americas)
  • Lauren Sykes
    Lauren Sykes Commercial Manager, EMEA
  • James Esteban
    James Esteban Senior Technical Manager
  • David Garcia
    David Garcia Logistics and Operations Coordinator
  • April Gordon
    April Gordon Quality Manager (Americas)
  • Jerry Liu
    Jerry Liu Supply Chain Manager
  • Natassia Spence
    Natassia Spence Digital Marketing Officer

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