AFS Filter

UNICAT AFS Filter (Advanced Filtration System) represents the most advanced and comprehensive pressure drop mitigation technology available to the refining and chemical industries.

These disks have been designed and optimized to mitigate pressure drop problems due to the build-up of various foulants in the grading and top catalyst layers of hydrotreating reactors and other fixed bed units.

UNICAT now offers the latest generation technology with it’s advanced E Series.  The AFS product line represents the broadest range of AFS filter sizes and meshes available to meet the most severe and challenging operations in the field. From operations dealing with ultra small size fines of 5 microns to large size iron scales exceeding 2500 microns, there is an AFS product designed to handle each specific service.

UNICAT AFS Series is a licensed technology. AFS grading solutions have beensuccessfully installed in more than 500 applications.



  • 50% + Longer Cycle Length
  • Over 20 deg F improvement in radial temperatures
  • Easily doubles the run life of traditional grading in dP limited vessels
  • Allows pressure drop foulants to get deeper into the grading resulting in significantly longer cycles
  • Highest void space in the industry
  • All void space is usable


  • Available from the ultra large 60 mm ID down to miniature 3 mm ID filter
    particle for exceptional size grading.
  • Available in promoted type for mild HDS hydrogenation, silica removal and
  • High crush and physical strength provides minimal dusting and breakage during loading and unloading.
  • Available from 10 mesh to 50 mesh filter patterns in most sizes providing exceptional flexibility in design.
  • Available with active Surface Area exceeding 60 M2/g to 110 M2/g so it can be used as catalyst substrate while maintaining filtration capability.
  • Well suited for high pressure applications such as CFH, GOHT and HCU reactors as well as less severe applications such as NHT and DHT.



The Next Generation of AFS has improvements in geometry. The shape and design has evolved along with a deeper understanding of dynamics which influence filter capacity and pressure drop.


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