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New Year, New Patent

New Year, New Patent

Innovation is at the heart of our company mission, driving us toward new horizons and patent successes. Dedicated to revolutionising Catalyst technology to deliver improved customer financial and environmental performance. At UNICAT, we focus on listening and learning about customer aims and problems, in turn creating and shaping our pipeline of innovation to create customer value and profitability.

As we enter the New Year, we’re thrilled to announce the successful attainment of our second Patent, a significant milestone in our journey of innovation. This patent encompasses revolutionary Cassette Technology, specifically designed to streamline, and automate the intricate process of Hand Casting.

Building upon our initial success with the Textured Spheres Patent, which has already been granted in the UK and India and is actively undergoing the patenting process in key global markets, we’re now further fortifying our intellectual property.

These patents represent a two-pronged approach – a product patent safeguarding the unique texturing aspect and a process patent ensuring the protection of our advanced manufacturing capabilities.

These patents not only validate our innovative prowess but also serve as indispensable shields, fortifying our ability to bring groundbreaking inventions to life and safeguarding our capacity to produce these innovative technologies.

As we strive to offer revolutionary technology that increases customer profitability, UNICAT commercialised Magcat® Textured Sphere reformer catalysts and our UK counterpart were awarded Queens Award for Enterprise – Innovation in 2022. This has been followed by transformative innovation to Advanced Filtration System (AFS) technology, to significantly improve the protection of hydrotreaters, delivering step change up time benefits.

  • Magcat® Textured range of reforming catalysts represent a jump in both technology and performance, Magcat® has a number of key proven advantages; strength, greater geometric surface area, heat transfer, low pressure drop as well as the improved profitability it gives to all our customers.
  • The Next Generation of AFS has optimized uniform flow channels, creating non-restrictive flow distribution that maximise foulant capture. With this new technology, you can increase unit cycle times by at least 50%.

We are continuing our Innovation launch process with a new pre-reforming catalyst technology which is focused on significantly enhancing bed lifetime and performance. We will be following this with more revolutionary technology in Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA).

Customers are at the heart of UNICAT’s innovation focus so please let us know of your problems or aims and we will look to invest in innovating solutions.