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UNICAT Catalyst Technologies is a trusted supplier of synthetic natural gas (SNG) catalysts for a wide range of industrial applications across the globe. Our top-quality SNG methanation catalyst products deliver game-changing results for clients across the petrochemical, gas processing and refinery sectors. With over 100 ISR 9002-certified products in our catalog, we proudly serve as the go-to SNG methanation catalyst supplier clients trust. Give us a call or send an email today to learn more about partnering with our team to help enhance your operations.

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Our synthetic natural gas methanation catalyst products include standard to deep methanation, low temperate active methanation and low-pressure drop catalysts. Some of our most popular products include, but are not limited to:


  • MC-710 series: Our Ni-based catalyst has high thermal stability and high methanation activity for use in ammonia and hydrogen plants.
  • MC-720 series: This catalyst also exhibits high thermal stability and high methanation activity for use in low-temperature applications such as ethylene plants.
  • MC-750 series: This series of Ni-based deep methanation catalysts comes in oxidized and pre-reduced versions.


In addition to unlocking access to top-tier SNG methanation catalyst products, customers love doing business with the courteous professionals at UNICAT Catalyst Technologies because we are:


  • Dedicated to helping industrial users lower costs
  • Responsive and flexible to help our clients quickly meet requirements
  • An innovative company focused on the niche catalyst market overlooked by large suppliers


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