Silica Removal Catalyst

Stop depending on outmoded and inefficient purification methods and make a choice to move your company forward. UNICAT Catalyst Technologies is an innovative and experienced provider of silica removal catalyst and an enormous range of exciting new catalytic and absorption technologies. Check out our expansive catalog of industrial and specialty chemicals and find a new way to reshape your business.


When UNICAT was founded nearly 20 years ago, we committed to being a reliable and responsive silica removal catalyst supplier that would do everything the big suppliers don’t. We work with niche markets throughout the petrochemical and gas processing industries, and we work closely with companies to provide customized solutions. Every system is different, and optimization makes a huge difference in the long-term.

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VOC Removal Catalyst at the Best Prices in the Industry


UNICAT boasts the lowest cost structure anywhere in the field for silica removal catalyst, and with prices like this, you can’t afford not to invest in improving your processes and finding new and more efficient solutions. With some of our innovative technologies, adapted to fit your work environment, we can decrease your costs, mitigate pressure and leakage issues, and significantly extend the run life of your system.


Whatever issue you’re facing in your work, the professionals on our team have the experience to help you find a way out. We’ve worked with over 500 industrial clients resolving problems of every sort imaginable, and now we’re ready to work for you. Over time as a VOC removal catalyst supplier, we’ve developed a manufacturing base and a global distribution partnership that allows us to respond quickly and smoothly to your needs, no matter what you need from our vast catalog of products.


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