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As a leading global supplier of advanced and affordable pre-reforming catalyst products, UNICAT Catalyst Technologies helps clients in the refinery, gas processing and petrochemical industries streamline and boost operations. Our broad product line of over 100 ISO 9002-certified products helps our customers achieve flexible purification performance across a wide range of environments. Connect with our team today and unlock access to the products and services needed to help enhance production.

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Optimize Your Performance with Post Reforming Catalyst Products From UNICAT


As a leading pre-reforming catalyst and post reforming catalyst supplier, UNICAT Catalyst Technologies provides our clients with a full suite of superior products including, but limited to:


  • NG-600 series: This nickel-based, 6-hole cylinder reforming catalyst possesses a high temperature tolerance and a shape-optimized cylinder for severe service requirements.
  • NG-605 series: Our NG-605 series product balances strength, activity and pressure drop requirements for secondary reforming units in hydrogen, ammonia, Syngas and methanol plants.
  • NG-615 series: This product provides dual protection against sulfur poisoning, and carbon cracking and protects against cracking due to heavy gas for a variety of unique operational conditions.


In addition to serving as a state-of-the-art pre-reforming catalyst supplier, UNICAT Catalyst Technologies also offers a wide range of additional benefits for our clients including:


  • Vast experience and practical hands-on industrial problem-solving skills
  • Access to a large inventory of purification adsorbents and catalysts
  • Highly competitive prices via a unique low-cost pricing structure
  • Innovative, cutting-edge industrial services to enhance operations and more


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Join the ranks of over 500 industrial users who trust our team to deliver superior quality products and services. Connect with us today by calling or emailing to learn more about how we can help solve your most complex barriers to success and streamline your operations to help dominate your competitors. We look forward to working with you.

Over 500 Industrial users have trusted Unicat to deliver high quality products and services

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