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At UNICAT Catalyst Technologies, we are proud to serve as a go-to source for high-quality and affordable sulfur and oxygen removal catalyst products. Clients in the petrochemical, refinery and gas processing industries across the globe trust our 20 years of professional experience, superior customer service and our innovative low-cost pricing model. We deliver the reliable catalyst products you need to keep your operations on track for success.

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Experience Innovative Products From a Leading Sulfur Removal Catalyst Supplier

As a leading oxygen removal catalyst supplier, UNICAT Catalyst Technologies can help your business access a wide range of catalysts to handle oxygen content from 10 – 30,000 ppm. Some of our most popular oxygen removal catalyst products include:

  • OR-400: An O2/CO removal catalyst for olefin operations.
  • OR-35C: O2 removal catalyst designed for applications which require multiple regenerations.
  • OR-32 series: A popular broad range Pd-based de-oxo catalyst.
  • OR-50C: Our fixed bed CuO-based catalyst designed to remove 1-50 ppm levels of O2 from olefinic streams and process gas.

Additionally, clients across the globe turn to our experienced professionals for a full range of sulfur removal catalyst products including, but not limited to:

  • SR-109: A popular mid-density, zinc oxide adsorbent to aid in the desulfurization of natural gas, light naphtha, off-gas and more at high temperatures.
  • SR-110: Our high surface area zinc oxide adsorbent to remove H2S and light mercaptans in medium temperate environments.
  • SR-112DMP: A mixed metal oxide, high surface area zinc oxide and MnO2-based adsorbent to aid in the desulfurization of natural gas, off-gas, light naphtha and more.
  • SR-116: Our MnO-based product used for desulphurization applications which require the removal of H2S, RSH and COS.

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