Magcat® Textured Catalyst

Our catalyst carriers are formed utilising polymer ceramic technology rather than the traditional pressure method. This allows optimised strength, geometric surface area and surface texture.

Our textured catalysts create a more turbulent gas flow around the catalyst and therefore disrupts the thin static gas layer at the inside of the tube wall. This results in a higher heat transfer coefficient (HTC), reduced tube skin temperature and accelerated mass transfer of reactants to the active catalyst site.

Benefits of Magcat®


  • Magcat > 300 lb/ft (+50% higher than competitor*)
  • Higher Attrition Resistance
  • Stronger pellets that pack better
    * Typical dependant on material type


  • +30% improvement in active surface area
  • More sub-surface area available for chemical reaction
  • Optimised Nickel loading and placement avoiding wastage


  • More methane processed
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Greater strength reduces pressure drop increase over life of catalyst


  • Maximum Heat Transfer
  • Uniform packing reduces thermal stress on the reactor tube
  • Extending tube life span therefore reducing cost of re-tubing

Magcat Catalyst from UNICAT Catalyst - Catalyst Supplier

Our Magcat steam reforming catalysts are designed to improve heat transfer coefficient, provide high intrinsic strength and lower pressure drop across the process. These properties deliver performance benefits at constant plant rate including lower pressure drop; lower tube skin temperatures; and reduced reforming firing. This gives an overall increase in operation efficiency at the given operating conditions.

Traditionally steam reforming catalysts form the catalyst support from tabletting/pelleting alongside high temperature firing to stabilise the structure. This technique gives a smooth external surface.

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