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Partner up with UNICAT Catalyst for your regular supply of low temperature shift catalyst and get the high-quality service you deserve. We’re a firm supplying industrial and specialty catalysts and other chemicals to large and small businesses in all areas of the field of heterogeneous catalysis.


With nearly 20 years working as a medium temperature shift catalyst supplier, we’ve learned a couple of things about innovation and efficiency in the gas processing and petrochemical fields. Now we want to use that experience to help you, whether you’re trying to start up and enter the market or you’ve been working with high temperature shift catalyst for years.

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Our services include process analysis and evaluation, on-site assistance including troubleshooting and start-up, and more. We also pride ourselves on our extensive product selection of more than 100 varieties of catalysts including medium temperature shift catalyst and other purification and absorption technologies. We carry niche products for every market, and you can count on our manufacturing base and distribution partners to get you what you need without delay.


Unlike bigger names, we take the time to connect with our clients and maximize the service we can give you. We’ll respond specifically to your needs as your high temperature shift catalyst supplier, and we’ll adapt and customize products for you and your system according to your specifications. With our help, your system will be able to work more efficiently and for longer. Our innovative technologies can help you cut costs and decrease risks of leakage and pressure issues over time.


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We’ve done excellent work for more than 500 industrial clients so far, and we’re ready to get to work for you as well. Call or email us to find out more and take advantage of the lowest cost structure anywhere in the field. Make your first order today.

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