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The experienced professionals at UNICAT Catalyst Technologies developed an advanced guard system to help protect high and low-shift catalysts from external poisons. This innovative technology delivers state-of-the-art enhancements for a wide range of industrial applications.


Our full line of shift technologies includes ultra-dense high shift, low-methanol low shift and medium shift catalysts. Two of our most popular shift catalyst products include:


  • HS-500 shift catalyst: This catalyst aids in the shifting of CO to CO2 in high-temperature shift units of ammonia, hydrogen and methanol plants. It has an extremely effective post-reduction strength and a high resistance to breakage from steam and water condensation. This product also comes in the “G” variant with 9×6 mm sizes for use in top sections of HTS beds and delivers additional protection from pressure drop formations caused by thermal shock breakage.


  • LS-402 shift catalyst: LS-402 is our high-activity, copper-based shift catalyst for low temperate environments and LTS applications in ammonia and hydrogen plants. The “LM” (Low Temperature and Low Methanol) variant of the LS-402 shift catalyst is ideal for use in applications which require minimization of methanol by-product formation.


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