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Invest in a stronger system with the latest technology from a world-class Hg removal catalyst supplier. UNICAT Catalyst Technologies is a forward-thinking catalyst manufacturer and distributor with global reach. Every day, we work with agents and engineers in the gas processing, petrochemical and refinery industries to solve problems and give them an edge.

The founders of UNICAT started this company nearly 20 years ago with the goal of being a flexible and dedicated force for innovation as an AsH3 removal catalyst supplier. We’re committed to doing what other large suppliers can’t or won’t. We push technology forward, even in smaller niche industries often disregarded by the big market players.

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What Sets Us Apart as a Mercury Removal Catalyst Supplier?


  • When you choose us as your arsine removal catalyst supplier, you’re getting a team of professionals on your side with the best cost structure in the industry. We work hard to keep costs low so you can get more results for your money when you invest in catalysts.


  • We’re a top-tier Hg removal catalyst supplier, but our work doesn’t stop there. We do everything. With over 100 quality products manufactured in our top-of-the-line production centers, we offer options for every catalyst market. Whether you’re looking for purification catalysts, absorbent products or new, innovative products like Syngas or our proprietary mixed bed design, our team has what you need to increase your system life and efficiency.


  • Whatever you need, we can get it to you now. Pick the right products for you from our extensive catalyst catalog and have them delivered right when you need it. Our distribution partners have the network they need to respond immediately. Don’t worry about whether it will be in stock or not, either.


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