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For a competitively priced and highly responsive HCL removal catalyst supplier, there’s no better option than UNICAT Catalyst Technologies. Since 1999, we have been manufacturing and supplying high-quality purification catalysts, absorbent products and more to industrial clients all over the world.


We work with engineers throughout the petrochemical, refinery and gas processing industries as the number one flexible hydrofluoric acid removal catalyst supplier. Our team is made up of creative problem solvers dedicated to helping you find the simplest and most efficient ways to deal with your chemical processing or purification challenges.

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The HF Removal Catalyst Supplier That Has It All


Our wide-ranging product line features over 100 different products, so you can be sure to find the perfect, most cost-effective and efficient solution calibrated for your system if you choose UNICAT as your HCL removal catalyst supplier. Our inventory includes the most advanced and cutting-edge technologies available including Syngas and our patented mixed bed design technology, which can address several challenges with multiple catalysts in a single unit. This increases your efficiency and extends the life of your system.

Not only are we the HF removal catalyst supplier with the best cost structure in the field, but we pride ourselves on being able to meet your needs quickly, wherever you’re located. Despite our daunting catalog of available catalysts, we’re ready to get you what you need. Our network of ISO 9002-certified quality-controlled production centers, linked with our global distribution network partners, gives us the flexibility to respond today. We deliver excellent products and unbeatable service at incredible value.

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Visit us online now to find out more about the tools we’re offering and reach out to discover how we can meet your needs with our spectacular range of catalysts and purification tools. As your hydrochloric acid removal catalyst supplier, we’ll help your system run cleaner and better for longer.

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