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Businesses seeking a top-quality H2S removal catalyst supplier delivering superior products at affordable prices turn to our team at UNICAT Catalyst Technologies. We take exceptional pride in providing game-changing service to clients across the refinery, gas processing, petrochemical industries and more. Our innovative product line and trademark layered-bed design technology make us an industry-leading hydrogen sulfide removal catalyst supplier. Connect with our knowledgeable staff today to learn more about the full line of industrial-grade catalyst products we offer.

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Backed by nearly 20 years of experience, the UNICAT Catalyst Technologies team delivers the extensive customer services and superior products our clients demand. As a global COS removal catalyst supplier, we take great pride in partnering with customers to unlock benefits including:

  • Exceptional experience and industrial problem-solving skills
  • Access to a large inventory of purification adsorbents and catalysts
  • Highly competitive prices via our low-cost structures
  • Innovative, cutting-edge industrial products to streamline operations and more

Learn more about how we can help you address multiple industrial problems with a single vessel via our trademarked layered-bed design technology. A few of the vast range of products you can access when you partner with our H2S and COS removal catalyst supplier include:

  • SR-115CR: Used in environments with very high temperatures.
  • SR-116: For desulphurization applications.
  • TSR-121E: Low-temperature desulphurization catalyst with increased density, strength and absorption.
  • TSR-120: Our new low-temperature desulfurization catalyst.

Reach our team today and let us help you access the specific absorbents and catalysts you need based on the particular impurity type, concentration, temperate and other conditions required.

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Call or email right away to unlock access to superior-quality products at affordable prices. Be sure to ask our friendly and knowledgeable associates which of our over 100 ISR 9002-certified products will best fit your need. We look forward to working with you.

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