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At UNICAT Catalyst Technologies, we proudly offer over 100 ISO-9002 certified products for our valued clients across the global refinery, gas processing and petrochemical industries. Our proprietary active filtration system, or AFS filter-series products, helps filter fines in sulfur guard beds, chloride guard beds and more. Call or email today to learn about how this innovative product can significantly increase the lifetime of your pressure sensitive units.

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Twenty Years of Experience Supplying Advanced Bed Protection Filter Products to Enhance Operations


We design all of our AFS filter products with uniquely-shaped, high alumina, inert filtration grading disks. This feature helps address multiple industrial problems with a single vessel and mitigates pressure drops caused by the accumulation of fouling agents at top grading layers of your hydrotreating reactors or other fixed bed units. Our bed protection filter products come in a wide range of sizes including:


  • 10 mesh size to filter large iron scale and polymerization particles
  • 25 mesh size to filter carbon and other medium-sized fines
  • 50 mesh size to filter iron sulfide, coker and solid silica fines
  • 60 mesh size to filter ultra-small, sub-5 micron fines


Connect with our leading AFS filter manufacturer team to learn more about our full inventory of advanced AFS-series products including, but not limited to:


  • AFS-HA series: This product’s high radial and axial strength makes it ideally suited for all of your high-pressure applications including CFH, GOHT and HCU reactors.
  • AFS-NiMo series: These uniquely shaped filtration grading disks help promote de-nitrification.
  • AFS-MX series: This variant is double-calcined, ideally suited for all of your very high-pressure industrial applications.
  • AFS-ST series: These filter grading disks deliver a dual purpose pressure drop mitigation and silica trap function.


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