Bed Grading Rings

Manage pressure-sensitive units and extend your system run life with bed grading rings from UNICAT Catalyst Technologies. With almost 20 years of experience producing and distributing industrial chemicals and purification technologies, we know what we’re talking about, and we know how to build you a system that will last.


With our support, you can build a better, more efficient system. Make us your bed grading rings manufacturer and learn how you can use our patented active filtration system and mixed bed technology to handle various catalysts at once and control pressure changes.

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UNICAT manufactures ceramic support rings and more than 100 other catalysts and absorption products. We set out at our founding to work with niche markets and provide the support and product availability that bigger companies in the industry don’t. Our manufacturing base and distributors have delivered excellent products and service to hundreds of industrial partners in the petrochemical and gas processing industries.


Beyond our product line of bed grading rings and other production tools, we also offer a full range of on- and off-site support services. We’ll run quarterly evaluations of your systems to help you optimize efficiency, and our veteran troubleshooters will work with you to overcome whatever system challenges you face.


Because of our smaller size, we can be flexible and responsive to your needs in ways many other ceramic support rings manufacturers can’t. We take custom orders and customize our work to your system to maximize the benefit you get. And on top of that service, you get the lowest price structure of any supplier in the field.


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For ceramic support rings from a reliable and affordable supplier, you can’t do any better than UNICAT. Call in to our support center or make your orders directly online and let us take care of the rest.

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