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Customers across the globe trust the team at UNICAT Catalyst Technologies to provide a full range of advanced bed grading catalyst products. While our competitors take a single-catalyst approach, our innovative team of experts developed a wide range of purification adsorbents and catalysts which deliver full scope, optimized performance in a single unit. This unique approach makes our company a trusted bed grading catalyst supplier for clients across the refinery, petrochemical and gas processing industries.

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Delivering Exceptional Bed Grading and Refining Catalyst Products Since 2000


Our unique bed grading catalyst line of products aids in the removal of maximum sulfur, chloride species and other impurities from your refining or petrochemical feed streams up to ultra-high surface areas and pore volumes. Each product we offer is specifically tailored to address specific impurity types, concentrations, temperatures and other unique conditions you require. Connect with us today to learn more about our full range of ISO 9002-certified popular bed grading and refining catalyst products including:


  • NSR-119: Our proprietary, nickel-based catalyst is used to help protect main bed hydrotreating catalysts from arsine poisoning.
  • NSR-120: This NiMO-based catalyst helps remove Si metal impurities at optimum conditions.
  • MR1P: This NiM-based catalyst possesses ultra-high pore volume to help trap and remove ppm levels of metals including nickel, lead and vanadium.


At UNICAT Catalyst Technologies, we take great pride in serving the niche catalyst market with a full range of over 100 innovative products. Our cost structure allows us to provide lower prices than all current competitors in the market today.


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When you are ready to experience optimal purification performance, call or email the UNICAT Catalyst Technologies professionals. Learn more about our advanced purification solutions to remove sulfurs, arsine, mercury, oxygen, nitrogen and heavy metals from your chemical and petrochemical streams. We look forward to hearing from you.

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